Antenna and electrical specifications

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Standards IRIDIUM
Frequency 1616-1627
VSWR ~1.2:1
Efficiency (%) ~76
Passive Gain (dBiC) ~4.5
Impedance (Ohm) 50
Axial Ratio (dB) 3 max
Radiation Pattern Hemispherical
Polarisation RHCP

Key Features

Iridium Certified Antenna
Ground Plane Independent
4.5 dBic IRIDIUM Peak Gain
High Performance
High Efficiency
Integrated TNC Female Connector

Antenna Description


Keeping Marine Applications Connected in the World’s Waterways

2J Antennas is pleased to add the IRIDIUM Certified 1616MHz - 1627MHz Pole Antenna (2J9C26JW-C392N) to our high-performance “Ray” series. This antenna gives access to the most sophisticated Iridium satellite network on the market and offers robust pole-to-pole coverage, low lifecycle cost for long-range devices and continuous network connection. 2J9C26JW-C392N is designed with a high level of precision and reliability in remote areas, which is often necessary in vast ocean environments to maintain constant open channels for emergency communications.  

Suggested applications include:

- Satellite Communication
- Marine Applications (commercial or leisure)
- Critical Communications
- Climate Monitoring / Ocean Profiling
- Marine Research


The antenna operates with high efficiency (~76%), well above the industry standard, and maintains a high ~4.5 dBic peak gain. Designed with RHCP hemispherical radiation pattern provides exceptional signal strength on horizontal and vertical planes maintaining continuous communications links. This is necessary in remote ocean applications where safety and emergency communication is critical.


Installation / Environmental

The antenna housing (Ø 74 × 116 mm) is manufactured with heavy duty ABS material and comes in an attractive white, dome shaped form factor specifically designed for marine applications. The fully waterproof (IP67 rated) housing is ideal for wet environments without compromise to performance under extreme conditions. Integrated with a TNC female connector and a UNF1-14 standard thread allows for simple installation to existing cables and does not require grounding or free space. UNF threads have a better torque-locking ability and are designed for heavier loads that are necessary for heavy duty applications.

The It is important to match the right antenna with the job and our expert engineers are available for any customization needs, installation needs and antenna selection support

All our products are designed with the environment in mind and manufactured without hazardous materials with full REACH and RoHS compliance. 

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