Antenna and electrical specifications

connection 1


Standards IRIDIUM
Frequency 1616-1627
Passive Gain (dBi) ~4.5
Efficiency (%) ~76
Impedance (Ohm) 50
Axial Ratio (dB) 3 max
Radiation Pattern Hemispherical
Polarization RHCP
connection 2


Standards GPS/QZSS/Galileo/GLONASS
Frequency 1575.42, 1598-1606
Passive Gain (dBi) ~3.6
Impedance (Ohm) 50
Active Gain (dB) 28 @ 2.7 V
Saw Filter Type Pre-Filter
Voltage Range (V) 1.5 - 3.6
Noise Figure (dB) 1.8 @ 2.7 V
Current Consumption (mA) 9 @ 2.7 V
Power Consumption (mW) 24.3 @ 2.7V
Out of Band Rejection (dB) 43
ESD Protection (kV) 6

Key Features

2-in-1 Combination Antenna
Ground Plane Independent
Iridium Certified Antenna
4.5 dBic IRIDIUM Peak Gain
Active GNSS Antenna
28 dB GNSS Active Gain
Pre-Filter GNSS
GNSS Voltage Range 1.5 - 3.6 V
Heavy Duty antenna
Customizable Cable and Connector

Antenna Description


Offering Global Satellite Access with High Performance, Accuracy, Availability and Reliability

This 2-in-1 GNSS and Iridium Magnetic Mount Antenna (2J6533MGF) is part of our “Discus Series”. This series is designed to provide autonomous geo-spatial positioning with access to GPS, QZSS, Galileo, GLONASS and Iridium networks. The advantage of using GNSS active module is to achieve uninterrupted connection access to multiple satellites and provide extreme accuracy, redundancy, and full-time availability. If one signal fails or the line-of-sight is obstructed, the system will pick up signals from multiple satellites to maintain constant signal strength making it ideal for mission critical applications such as emergency response, automotive, transportation, agriculture and industrial machinery.

Cable 1 is designed for Iridium 1616-1627 MHz frequencies. With a patch size of 36 x 36 x 4 mm, the antenna can achieve high peak gain of ~4.5 dBic that results in higher performance. The design of a hemispherical radiation pattern gives a full spectrum signal quality and strength with the benefits of RHCP that radiates energy in the horizontal, vertical and every plane in between.  This results in maximum reflectivity, absorption, phasing, multi-path, and line-of-sight solutions that effectively maintain communication links.

Cable 2 includes a GNSS Ceramic Active Patch antenna measuring 25 x 25 x 4 mm that caters to GPS, QZSS, Galileo and GLONASS standards for devices operating within 1575.42 MHz and 1598-1606 MHz frequencies. The designed pre-filter blocks troublesome out-of-tune frequencies from passing through from the antenna into the radio receiver with an out of band rejection of ~43 dB.  This active antenna has an integrated low-noise amplifier that boosts the RF picked up by the antenna and allows much longer remote cable runs compensating for cable loss in receiving applications.

Suggested applications include:

- Satellite / Emergency Communication
- Hand-held Satellite Receivers
- Transportation
- Navigation
- Automotive
- Tracking / Mapping Devices
- Industrial Machinery


Installation / Environmental

The antenna housing (Ø 135.5 × 30 mm) is manufactured with ABS material and the antenna base with Zamak material, giving it high durability properties for outdoor applications in temperatures ranging between -40C and +85C. The heavy-duty magnetic mounting offers multi-use options for temporary placements but is also strong enough for reliable long-term installations on metal surfaces.

The 2J6533MGF is IK09, IP67 and IP69 certified giving our customers assurance and protection from dust and water intrusion as well as close-range high pressure and high temperature exposure.

Cable 1 and 2 come with a standard SMA-Male connector and 300 cm long LL195 cables with the option to customize connectors, cable type and lengths upon request. Please contact our experienced team for recommendations and antenna selection needs.

This antenna has been tested rigorously to assure absolute antenna function in the most extreme environmental condition to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. 2J Antennas supports the health of our environment; all our products are designed and manufactured without hazardous materials while maintaining full REACH and RoHS compliance.

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