Antenna and electrical specifications

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Standards GPS/QZSS/Galileo-IRIDIUM
Frequency 1575.42, 1616-1627
Peak Gain (dBi) ~5.1, ~5.7
Efficiency (%) ~93.8, ~92.9
Impedance (Ohm) 50
Radiation Pattern Hemispherical
Polarisation RHCP

Key Features

Passive GNSS-IRIDIUM Antenna
Iridium Certified Antenna
Ground Plane Independent
5.7 dBi GNSS Peak Gain
High Performance
High Efficiency
Single Feed Technology
Integrated TNC Female Connector

Antenna Description


Connecting Air, Land, and Sea with High Precision and Superior Quality

2J Antennas is introducing the GPS/Galileo-Iridium Certified Pole Mount Antenna (2J9C34JW-C392N) to their Iridium antenna portfolio. This antenna is the first-choice solution for worldwide voice and data communication devices used in commercial, residential, emergency and transportation markets.  Catering to GPS, QZSS, Galileo and IRIDIUM standards, this antenna provides high-precision and accurate positioning services for USA, European and Asia-Oceania regions.

Suggested applications include:

- Hand-help satellite phones
- Emergency response
- Air navigation systems
- Sea vessels
- Standalone transceiver for data logging applications
- Short Burst Data Modems for IoT
- Tracking/ Mapping Devices
- Industrial Machinery
- Automobiles/ Transportation


This high-performance antenna averages peak gains of ~5.1 dBi for 1575 MHz band and ~5.7 dBi for 1621 MHz band. The right hand circularly polarization (RHCP) rejects multi-path interference and optimizes signal strength while maintaining stable efficiency. Designed with advanced single feed technology covering GNSS/ GPS and Iridium satellite communications, offers a much higher flexibility in terms of size and design integration making a compact form factor in this antenna design possible.


Installation / Environmental

The 2J9C34JW-C392N comes with standard integrated TNC-female connector, 1”-14 TPI threaded pole mount and compact dimensions of Ø 74 × 116 mm optimizing the out of the box easy installation. The IP67 certified dome housing is manufactured with ABS material, a thermoplastic with desired properties such as structural strength, reliable electrical insulation, extreme high/low thermal durability as well as chemical, impact, and moisture resistance.

Designed with a hemispherical radiation pattern makes this antenna ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. When mounted facing up in mobile applications, the radiation pattern is directed above the antenna making it possible to transmit and receive signals from antennas at higher elevations. When mounted facing down in indoor or outdoor applications, the antenna offers less of a dip reducing the possibility of dead spots ensuring consistent signal quality.

All our products are tested rigorously to assure reliable antenna function in the most extreme conditions to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. Our expert customer service team is ready to assist with antenna selection needs and to answer any questions.

2J Antennas supports the health of our environment and production staff by manufacturing all our products without hazardous materials while maintaining full REACH and RoHS compliance.

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