Key Features

  • Magnetic Mount
  • High Precision Navigation
  • Low Profile
  • 28 dB Gain
  • Pre-Filter GNSS
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Ground Plane Independent
  • Customizable Cable and Connector
  • certificates: IP67, IP69
  • Applications

    Antenna and electrical specifications

    connection 1


    Technologies GPS/Glonass/Beidou/QZSS/Galileo/IRNSS/SBAS/L1L5
    Bandwidth (MHz) 1176, 1561-1606
    Bands L5, L1
    Frequency 1176.45, 1561.098, 1575.42, 1602.00
    Standards GPS(L5), BeiDou(B2a , QZSS(L5), Galileo(E5a), IRNSS(L5), GPS(L1C), GLONASS(L1OF), BeiDou(B1), QZSS(L1C), Galileo(E1), SBAS (L1)
    Return Loss (dB) ~-12.8, ~-12.6
    VSWR ~1.8:1, ~1.6:1
    Efficiency (%) ~70.6, ~78.6
    Passive Peak Gain (dBi) ~5.1, ~5.2
    Average Gain (dB) ~-1.4, ~-1.0
    Impendance (Ohm) 50
    Radiation Pattern Hemispherical
    Axial Ratio (dB) 3dB max
    Polarisation RHCP
    Voltage (V) 2.3 - 6
    Active Gain (dB) 28 @ 3 V
    Noise Figure (dB) 1.6 @ 3V
    Current Consumption (mA) 16 @ 3V
    Power Consumption (mW) 48 @ 3V
    Saw Filter Type Pre-Filter
    Out of Band Rejection (dB) ~40
    ESD Protection (kV) 2

    Antenna description


    Superior Precision and High-Performance GPS for New Global Navigation Technologies

    The 2J7C01MC3F is designed for high precision and advanced signal technologies covering all major GNSS bands including GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, QZSS, Galileo and IRNSS. The 2JC01MC3F has a low-profile antenna design and a high-quality magnetic mount. These features give this antenna the flexibility for temporary or permanent installations. The L5 band is the first choice for future GPS receivers as it was designed to meet the demand for high-performance applications such as safety-of-life transport and autonomous vehicles. By combining L1, L5 and SBAS, the antenna achieves superior accuracy, improved signal redundancy, greater bandwidth while delivering correction data such as satellite position errors, clock/timing errors, and estimations of degradation parameters.

    Suggested applications include:

    - Safety-Critical Systems & Transportation
    - Autonomous Vehicles
    - Agriculture
    - Navigation
    - Civil Aviation

    Compatibility Standards

    -GPS(L5), BeiDou(B2a), QZSS(L5), Galileo(E5a), IRNSS(L5)

    -GPS(L1C), GLONAS(L1OF), BeiDou(B1), QZSS(L1C), Galileo(E1), SBAS (L1) 


    This high-performance antenna is designed to operate on low power consumption (48mW) without compromising its high efficiency (~70.6%/~78.6%).  Integrated with pre-filter, the 2J7C01MC3F has an out of band rejection of ~40 dB while keeping the noise figure as low as 1.6 dB resulting in minimal transmission losses and optimizing performance.

    Installation and Durability

    The 2J7C01MC3F is enclosed within a dome-shape ASA UV stable housing (IP67/ IP69 rated) that is waterproof, dust resistant and durable in extreme environments.  A strong magnetic mount offers a convenient way for easy re-location to any metal surface ideal for short-term or long-term installations. This antenna has a compact and low-profile form factor measuring only Ø 54 x 21.5 mm. Delivery includes a single standard SMA-Male connector and a 300 cm long LL100 cable. Custom cables and connectors are available upon request by contacting our expert team for any customization or antenna selection needs. 2J Antennas cares deeply about the environment and we take the necessary steps in design, manufacturing and delivery of our products without hazardous materials to meet RoHS and Reach requirements. 

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