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Research & Development

We are dedicated to providing an end-to-end manufacturing process.

Our team of engineers brings to their tasks a wide range of expertise and diverse perspectives in solving technical problems across the entire product and service spectrum.

Our engineers excel in the following fields:

  • RF
  • Antennas design & development
  • Mechanics
  • Quality
  • Certification
  • Molding

Three types of R&D

The R&D team is focused on three categories:

Future antennas

We maintain a deep insight into all the future requirements & specifications that are key to our technological growth in developing antennas and related systems.


We offer support and design input to successfully integrate a variety of emerging technologies in any product during the design phase. To date, 2J Antennas has integrated more than 500 types of antennas in various devices. Integrating custom antenna systems requested by our customers is driven by our highly experienced and innovative engineering team.

Custom antennas

Our dedicated and distinguished team of experts focus on developing and integrating antennas based on the customer’s unique specifications and applications. We are prepared to meet the high level and complex demands for IOT, big data, cloud computing, and autonomous systems.

All our development is carried out using ultra-sophisticated equipment, ensuring the highest quality and reliability in standard and custom products. Below we have listed some of the equipment we use:

3D Anechoic Chamber

  • Engineered to achieve exceptional results required to test low-noise products, 2J Antennas provides high-performance Satimo Anechoic Chambers located in Slovakia, UK and United States.
  • Satimo Anechoic Chambers is capable of performing both active and passive testing with a capacity of up to 60 GHz.
  • With its high capacity, it produces precise and error-free results in the shortest possible time.

RF Equipment

With a wide variety of equipment, we are able to better integrate, measure and manufacture a variety of antennas. Some of our equipment includes but is not limited to:

  • Power sensors
  • Network analyzers
  • Spectrum analyzers
  • Radio communication testers
  • Power amplifier
  • Low noise amplifier
  • Horn antennas

3D Printing

Rapid prototyping allows for designing, implementing and testing new fixtures in record time. It minimizes troubleshooting and redesign efforts Engineers can produce antenna housings more accurately and more rapidly. This has helped speed up a products’ life cycle through the design, testing, and manufacturing process.

Various shapes of housings can be designed and tested at a minimal cost, allocating more time for errors analysis and minimizing the risks of future mistakes.

Equipment brands

  • Makerbot and Prusa

CAD and Simulation Tools

To improve the performance and range, several antenna designs are tested in 2D and 3D simulations prior to prototyping. Schematics and Gerber files are produced during the design phase.

Quick Turn Prototype

With the availability of various tools such as the 3D printers and other multiple manufacturing capabilities, the development timeline of a project can be drastically reduced allowing for a multitude of variables and designed to be completed and tested.

What can we prototype?

  • Based on the implementation requirements, we can prototype every aspect of the antenna.
  • For outside and external use, the complete housing and mounting fixture can be 3D printed and tested.
  • Rigid PCB antenna can be manufactured and tested in various configurations.
  • For flexible applications and requirements, we can provide rapid prototyping of flexible PCB adhesive antennas.
  • The cable assembly and connector type can be tested prior to manufacturing release.


We implement a wide range of services that help every customer bring a product to market with little to no effort by providing a true end-to-end process.


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