Introducing The Most Compact Tri-Band L1L2L5 Active Ceramic Patch On The Market

Introducing The Most Compact Tri-Band L1L2L5 Active Ceramic Patch On The Market

Combined with GNSS bands and with a footprint of only 25x25x8mm, they are ultra-reliable in safety-critical positioning applications including autonomous vehicles, aviation, and land surveys. This antenna is also available in dual-band L1L2 and L1L5 active ceramic patch. 

Designed for high precision and autonomous multi-frequency applications in mind, this antenna provides reliability, greater bandwidth, and high gain thanks to the integration of L1, L2, L5 bands. 2JM3201C5F offers concurrent reception on GNSS that cater to GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, IRNSS, and SBAS navigational technologies. The L5 band is the most advanced GNSS signal on the market and gives military-grade GPS accuracy to users worldwide while enabling the usage of dead reckoning process.  By combining Precise Point Positioning (PPP) of L1, L2 and L5  with the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS), this antenna is the #1 choice for GIS surveying where high precision operations are needed.

 Typical applications include:

  • Aviation Safety
  • Safety-Critical Systems & Transportation
  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • Agriculture
  • Navigation

This antenna works on single feed technology. With low power consumption and a wide voltage range, 2JM3201C5F is a perfect choice for multiple applications. It has high efficiency within 1561-1606 MHz (L1), 1227 MHz (L2), and 1176 MHz (L5) frequencies with a 28dB GNSS active gain. It gives strong anti-interference performance due to low noise figures. It has a high rejection pre-filter due to which it effectively avoids disconnection when receivers are operated under complex electromagnetic environments such as communication base station applications or urban areas. It provides real-time error corrections while simultaneously maintaining centimeter precise position data throughput when passing through solid objects or high coverage landscapes. This antenna is right-handed circular polarization (RHCP) which makes it perfect to reject multipath fading and interference thus improving the signal strength. The 2JM3201C5F offers low noise figures of 1.6 dB at 3V, ESD 2kV protection.

This antenna is also available in other configurations including RTK/L1L2 (2JM3201C2F) and IRNSS/L1L5 (2JM3201C3F).

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