Antenna and electrical specifications

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GPS/GLO/BEI/QZSS/Galileo/IRNSS/L1L2L5L6 - Flexi Antenna

Technologies GPS/Glonass/BeiDou/QZSS/Galileo/IRNSS/SBAS/L1L2L5L6
Bandwidth (MHz) 1176-1208, 1227-1246, 1268-1279, 1561-1606
Bands L5, L2, L6, L1
Frequency 1176.45, 1207.14 / 1227.6, 1246.00 / 1268.52, 1278.75 / 1561.09, 1575.42, 1602.00
Standards GPS(L5), BeiDou(B2a, B2b), QZSS(L5), Galileo(E5a), IRNSS(L5) / GPS(L2C), GLONASS(L2OF), QZSS(L2C) / GPS(L6), BeiDou(B3), QZSS(L6), Galileo(E6) / GPS(L1C), GLONAS(L1OF), BeiDou(B1), QZSS(L1C), Galileo(E1), SBAS (L1)
Return Loss (dB) ~-12.8, ~-16.6, ~-9.3, ~-21.8
VSWR ~1.6:1, ~1.4:1, ~2.1:1, ~1.2:1
Efficiency (%) ~75.0, ~76.2, ~74.2, ~79.9
Passive Peak Gain (dBi) ~3.2, ~3.1, ~2.9, ~4.9
Average Gain (dB) ~-1.3, ~-1.2, ~-1.3, ~-1.0
Impedance (Ohm) 50
Radiation Pattern Omni-Directional
Polarization Linear
Max. Input Power (W) 25

Key Features

Passive GNSS Antenna
L1/L2/L5/L6 Multi-Band-Constellation
Flexi Internal Antenna
Ground Plane Independent
4.9 dBi GNSS Peak Gain
High Efficiency
Customizable Cable and Connector

Antenna Description

Passive Multiband GNSS Antenna That Combines High Precision, Flexibility For High Performance and Reliability

The 2JF0201P is a passive multiband constellation antenna, ideal for applications using high precision GNSS L1, L2, L5, and L6 bands. It can receive GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo, QZSS, SBAS, and IRNSS signals, making it ideal for multiple applications including land survey, transportation and autonomous vehicles. This antenna allows the user to achieve higher location accuracy, as well as stability of position tracking in urban environments, mountainous or rough terrain.

This high-performance antenna is designed to operate on low power consumption without compromising its high efficiency of up to 79.9% across all bands within 1176 – 1606 MHz. Efficiency is 75% in L5 and 76.2% in L2 band, making it one of the most reliable solutions on the market. The 2JF0201P has excellent performance and its design achieves a 4.9 dBi GNSS passive peak gain with an excellent broad axial ratio, which makes it resilient to multipath rejection and excellent phase center stability.

Suggested applications include:

  • Precision Transportation
  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • Fleet Management
  • UAVs and Robotics
  • IoT Devices
  • Navigation and Location-based applications
  • Automotive
  • Inventory Management & Container tracking
  • Telematics & Asset Tracking
  • Timing Accuracy Synchronization

Installation / Environmental

The 2JF0201P is a flexible polymer antenna manufactured without any hazardous materials, and it is both REACH and RoHS compliant. Exceptional durability in temperatures ranging between -40C and +85C. The combination of flexible polymer material, thin size design, and self-adhesive mounting make the integration process extremely simple. The 2JF0201P comes with a standard U. FL connector. This antenna is fully customizable with a large selection of connector types, cable lengths, and cable types. This is ground plane independent making it highly suitable to be installed on any metallic surface.

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