2JF0302Pa Antenna

2 x 2.4/5.0 GHz ISM MIMO Flexible Ultra-Thin PCB Adhesive Antenna

General specification
2× 2.4-5.0GHz MIMO/WiFi/Sigfox/LoRa/LPWA/BT/ZigBee/RFID/ISM
Mounting Adhesive Mount Flexible
Dimensions (mm) 22.4 x 20.6 x 0.2
Operating temperature -40 °C to +85 °C
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Key Features

  • Self-Adhesive
  • Flexi Embedded Antenna
  • Compact Size
  • High Performance
  • Ground Plane Independent
  • Customizable Cable and Connector
  • Applications

    Antenna and electrical specifications

    connection 1

    2.4/5.0 GHz ISM

    Standards WiFi, BT, ZigBee, ISM
    Frequency 2410-2490, 4920-5925
    VSWR ~2.4:1, ~2.2:1
    Efficiency (%) ~53, ~64
    Peak Gain (dBi) ~3.2, ~5.0
    Polarisation Linear
    Max. Input Power (W) 10
    connection 2

    2.4/5.0 GHz ISM

    Standards WiFi, BT, ZigBee, ISM
    Frequency 2410-2490, 4920-5925
    VSWR ~2.4:1, ~2.2:1
    Efficiency (%) ~55, ~63
    Peak Gain (dBi) ~3.0, ~4.9
    Polarisation Linear
    Max. Input Power (W) 10

    Antenna description



    One of the smallest WiFi ISM MIMO flexible self-adhesive embedded antennas on the market

    At only 22x20mm size, this flexible self-adhesive embedded antenna is one of the only designs providing a MIMO solution for 2.4GHz-5.0GHz Dual-Band WIFI ISM bands. The 2JF0302Pa is ready to support any throughput sensitivity, speed and reliability demanded by any ISM application. The 2JF0302Pa does not fall short of the high efficiency and performance with its 2 antennas along the side packed on one PCB of the size of a coin.


    Implementing an omnidirectional design the 2JF0302Pa is ideal for IoT and automotive wireless systems as it provides 360° of coverage. Applications can range from WiFi hotspots, dash cameras, routers, infotainment systems and any others that require contact connection with large data demand.
    Where the 2JF0302Pa exceeds is particularly based on its MIMO design capability. One of the top applications for this antenna is data actually intensive integrations, such as connected cars, self-driving cars and self-driving systems such as manufacturing autonomous robots and other logistical applications. This system is compatible with a large number of standards such as WiFi, Bluetooth, BLE, ISM, DSRC, V2V, V2X, Sigfox, LoRa, ZigBee, RPMA and LPWAN.


    Typical applications

    - Infotainment systems
    - WiFi hotspot
    - HD video transmission
    - Dash cameras
    - Connected cars
    - Self-driving cars
    - Fleet management
    - Gateways
    - Routers
    - Public transportation
    - Logistics
    - And others

    Compatibility Standards

    2.4/5.0 GHz Cables
    - WiFi, Bluetooth, BLE, ISM
    - DSRC, V2V, V2X
    - Sigfox, LoRa, ZigBee, RPMA, LPWAN






    Key Features

    - Flexible ultra-small and thin PCB for convenient integration
    - Self-Adhesive back side aiding easy installation
    - Eco-friendly in Size
    - High-Efficiency MIMO Embedded Antenna
    - Ground Plane Independent
    - Customizable Cable and Connector


    Fully Customizable

    With an ultra-thin and flexible PCB compact design, this antenna comes equipped with a self-adhesive peel-and-stick installation option. Connectors can be customized based on application and design. of -40C to +85C. All antennas are manufactured using RoHS, REACH compliance.

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